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The Rocket Method™ is the world’s best snooker video course, taught by the world’s best snooker player.


The Rocket Method™ covers all aspects of snooker systematically, aimed at helping you to understand and play the game to your fullest potential. Appealing to both snooker beginners and veterans. Almost 12 hours of content.


We offer three membership options: one for individual snooker enthusiasts, one for smaller organizations (with access for a group of up to 25 users) and one for larger organizations (with access for a group of up to 50 users).


Your coach is Ronnie O’Sullivan. He’s assisted by Alan McManus, a top-level snooker expert and match commentator.


Our stunning production quality will take you right to the table with Ronnie! This amazing course is directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Gregg Helvey and produced by world-renowned production company Hungry Man Productions. It’s cinema for snooker fans!


‘The most important thing, the biggest love of my life, is my snooker. I’ve never been so emotionally ingrained in something – in a person, an object, anything – as I have in snooker.’

23 Triple Crown Titles (7x World Champion, 8x UK Champion, 8x Masters Champion)
41 Ranking Titles
15 Maximum Breaks
Ronnie is the only player who ever surpassed 1,000 century breaks.

Three Enrolment Options.

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  • Make Ronnie O’Sullivan – the most successful snooker player of all time – your personal coach: learn The Rocket Method™.
  • You’ll get access to the most thorough and highest quality snooker masterclass in the history of the sport. 
  • Access for one person. All 12 episodes available upon purchase.
  • Lifetime streaming access after a one-off payment (no subscription plan, no hidden costs).
  • Almost 12 hours of video content. It's like you’re paying $12.25 per hour with Ronnie!
  • Directed by an Oscar-nominated filmmaker.
  • Completely advertising-free.



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We answer your frequently asked questions.

Why learn and improve your snooker knowledge, understanding and capabilities, in other words: Why should you take Ronnie’s course?

Snooker stands apart from most sports because good technique is inevitable to have fun playing the game. Moreover, snooker is more complex than other cue sports.
After taking this course, you’ll get a much deeper understanding of the game and you’ll be able to play to your fullest potential. Leave your frustration behind and start scoring centuries!

Do I need prior snooker knowledge before taking the course?

No. Our course is made for every snooker enthusiast.
It’s made for absolute beginners, veterans and even professionals.
As long as you love snooker, this course is for you – whether you would like to improve your own game or just your knowledge and understanding.

Does the course give me direct access to Ronnie O’Sullivan?

Normally, no. However, you can win an in-person coaching session with Ronnie if you get the individual membership during our pre-sales period or as an early customer on or before November 19, 2023 (prize draw 2023) or between April 20, 2024 and May 9, 2024 (prize draw 2024). Both winners will meet Ronnie in the summer of 2024.
Moreover, you might not get access to Ronnie in a physical sense, but each episode is recorded and designed to closely simulate an intimate experience with Ronnie and Alan, allowing a personal coaching experience.