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Why learn and improve your snooker knowledge, understanding and capabilities, in other words: Why should you take Ronnie’s course?

Snooker stands apart from most sports because good technique is inevitable to have fun playing the game. Moreover, snooker is more complex than other cue sports.
After taking this course, you’ll get a much deeper understanding of the game and you’ll be able to play to your fullest potential. Leave your frustration behind and start scoring centuries!

Do I need prior snooker knowledge before taking the course?

No. Our course is made for every snooker enthusiast.
It’s made for absolute beginners, veterans and even professionals.
As long as you love snooker, this course is for you – whether you would like to improve your own game or just your knowledge and understanding.

Does the course give me direct access to Ronnie O’Sullivan?

Normally, no. However, you can win an in-person coaching session with Ronnie if you get the individual membership during our pre-sales period or as an early customer on or before November 19, 2023. Moreover, you might not get access to Ronnie in a physical sense, but each episode is recorded and designed to closely simulate an intimate experience with Ronnie and Alan, allowing a personal coaching experience.

How much time will I need to commit to the course?

The 12 episodes total almost 12 hours in length.
How much time you spend on the course is up to you.
Once you’ve finished it, you’re encouraged (and will likely be inspired) to revisit our website to cement your knowledge and skills.

How can I watch The Rocket Method™?

As long as you have an internet connection, you can stream the course on any device.

When will the course content be available?

Episodes 1 through 8 (approx. 8 hours of content) are already available for streaming. Early in 2024, episodes 9 through 12 (approx. 4 hours of content) will be available as well.

How do the group memberships work?

When you purchase one of our group memberships, you provide members of your organization (e.g., the members of your snooker society or your clients of your snooker coaching business) access to stream the course. We allow up to 25 users (small group membership) or up to 50 users (big group membership) to stream the course within one group membership account. After a one-time payment (no subscription plan, no hidden costs), you’ll receive lifetime steaming access. We accept alternating members within the group membership (i.e., the membership allows for up to 25 users [small group membership] or up to 50 users [big group membership] to be logged in with the identical passcode at any time). However, you are only allowed to share the login data with people who are members or clients of your organization.

How do the free prize draws work?

You receive free lots (you don’t pay for these) as a reward for being part of our pre-sale or early customer base.

Anyone who purchases our individual membership on or before November 19, 2023 will receive the chance to win an in-person meeting with Ronnie O’Sullivan at the snooker table for no additional cost. Each individual membership purchase entitles the purchaser to one entry into the free draw, unless you become a member during the World Snooker Championship 2023 (through May 1, 2023), in which case you will be entered twice into the free draw, doubling your chances!
If you are drawn from the pool of Individual members, you will be flown to meet Ronnie at a location and time selected by Ronnie (subject to applicable terms and conditions).
And best of all, you don’t need to pay for anything: We’ll pay for your flights, accommodation and ground transport.

Anyone who purchases one of our group memberships on or before November 19, 2023 will receive the chance to win a package of snooker equipment personally autographed by Ronnie.

The winners will be selected in February 2024.

Is there a time limit on how long I can study and re-study The Rocket Method™?

There is no time limit. Every ROCKET METHOD member enjoys unlimited lifetime streaming access after a one-time payment (this applies for the individual membership and the group memberships). And you’ll likely want to keep revisiting The Rocket Method™ at different times in life, whenever you need a refresher.

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