Cancellation Policy

1. Right of Revocation for Online Purchases (“Distance Selling”)
You purchase your membership online in a distance sale. Accordingly, you may revoke your membership purchase of The Rocket Method within 14 days, starting on the date of purchase, by sending a clear statement that you want to revoke your purchase to, and you need not provide any reason for your revocation.  
A contract between you and Bosch Digital AG is concluded after you follow the payment process and accept the Terms and Conditions of purchase on
If you timely cancel your purchase, you will receive a full refund of the purchase price in U.S. Dollars, converted back into your local currency, if applicable. For the refund, we use the same payment method that you used upon your initial purchase. We won’t charge any fees for refunding, but you will bear any currency exchange risk and the cost of any conversion and bank fees applicable to converting U.S. Dollars back into your local currency.
By purchasing The Rocket Method, you agree that your right of revocation expires as soon as we provide you the full digital service (all 12 episodes), and you waive any statutory revocation right thereafter. As soon as we provide you the full digital service (since April 22, 2024), no purchase of The Rocket Method will be revocable or refundable, because the digital service that you license will be fully and immediately available to you upon purchase (all 12 episodes).

2. Right to Cancel the Membership at Any Time
After our 14-day revocation period and as soon as we provide you the full digital service (all 12 episodes), we don’t offer refunds anymore. As you have lifetime access to the course through your membership, we don’t recommend to cancel your membership as we would delete your account permanently without the possibility of a refund. However, if you still wish to cancel, please send a clear statement to