Cinema for Snooker Enthusiasts.

12-Episode Course (almost 12 hours of content)

  • Episode 1: Introduction to Snooker (free access)
  • Episode 2: Straight Cueing & Cue Action
  • Episode 3: Cue Rest Play & Playing with the Opposite Hand
  • Episode 4: Potting
  • Episode 5: Positional Play Part 1: Center Ball Striking
  • Episode 6: Positional Play Part 2: Side Spin
  • Episode 7: Splitting the Pack of Reds & Cannons
  • Episode 8: Break Building
  • Episode 9: The Break Off Shot
  • Episode 10: Safety Play & Tactics
  • Episode 11: Escaping Snookers
  • Episode 12: Ronnie’s Personal Snooker Journey

Three Membership Options

  • Individual Membership (1 person): After a one-time payment, you get lifetime access to stream the course on our platform.
  • Small Group Membership (up to 25 persons): After a one-time payment, you can provide your organization (most likely your snooker society members or coaching clients) access to stream the course.
  • Big Group Membership (up to 50 persons): After a one-time payment, you can provide your organization access to stream the course.

Learn from the Greatest of All Time

You will be coached by Ronnie. He’s assisted by Alan McManus.
And they are complementing each other perfectly: While Ronnie focuses on providing his unique insights, Alan uses his tremendous expert knowledge to explain even the most difficult aspects in a simple manner.

Stunning Quality

  • We have not been sparing in our production. We engaged an Oscar-nominated filmmaker (Gregg Helvey) and a world-class production company (Hungry Man Productions).
  • You’ll get access to the most thorough and highest quality course in the history of the sport.
  • The course will be available in English and Chinese. However, based on our customers’ feedback, we may provide the course in further languages.

‘Our goal is to provide the world’s preeminent snooker instructional & educational video course. More than that, we want to give all of Ronnie’s fans and snooker enthusiasts around the world the feeling that Ronnie is their personal coach. That means Ronnie isn’t just teaching them snooker. He’s imparting his wisdom and years of experience at the top of this amazing sport, while conveying life lessons along the way.

We want this series to be Ronnie’s story, legacy and opportunity to give back to his fans. Moreover, we understand how critical it is that this program be beautifully made. It must be engaging, cinematic, and visually striking. For me, as a filmmaker excellence is a non-negotiable.’

– Gregg Helvey

Three Enrolment Options.

For Snooker Enthusiasts
(1 person)

Individual Membership

  • Make Ronnie O’Sullivan – the most successful snooker player of all time – your personal coach: learn The Rocket Method™.
  • You’ll get access to the most thorough and highest quality snooker masterclass in the history of the sport. 
  • Access for one person. All 12 episodes available upon purchase.
  • Lifetime streaming access after a one-off payment (no subscription plan, no hidden costs).
  • Almost 12 hours of video content. It's like you’re paying $12.25 per hour with Ronnie!
  • Directed by an Oscar-nominated filmmaker.
  • Completely advertising-free.



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